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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by sclarke1

I was very excited but nervous of U2's concert at fedex field. We all know the horrible vast wasteland of this stadium and the awful sound. Springsteen concert a couple of yrs back was excellent (performance) but sound was horrendous.

Here are some highlights -

sound - sat in the club seats, left of stage and sound was excellent!

the crawl - It was an amazing spectacle to witness. The 360 screen above the stage was mesmerizing - expanding and moving throughout the show. I find it funny that people would actually except a STADIUM concert to be intimate but I felt the huge screen did help in bringing the action closer to the crowd.

the crowd - sat in section 316, what a bunch of lame people except for a couple of people dancing and the guys standing in the back wall. C'mon, this is a freaking concert and not a congressional hearing. I did notice people down on the lower level getting their groove on though.

performance - my two least favorite studio songs by U2 was the 2 best songs performed tonight - vertigo and I go crazy when I don't go crazy tonight. Both songs were played at full blast and the disco version of igcwidgct was excellent and worked well in the stadium setting.

favorite songs - new year's day was incredible as usual. sunday bloody sunday was powerful and very cool with the dude on stage holding the us flag.

closing song - very interesting to close with moment of surrender on this tour. this is their best song on the new cd and has the vibe of '40' so can understand their choice.

Overall, a very good concert but definitely liked their last 2 tours at Verizon center better.

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