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by Casey Carter

Had a chance to see them in Hartford just over a week ago, and Bono's voice was much better tonight - although it was the exact same show which is a bit disappointing. I wish they would take a page from Bruce Springsteen and mix it up every night - there catalog is so big. Anyway, Bono really did sound in good voice tonight. I really love Stuck In a Moment and Kite back to back early on. Bad, Streets and Pride still pump up the crowd, but I really feel like they lose the crowd during the encores. Bullet and With or Without you are stale. The Fly is energetic, but doesn't bring it home. One is still very moving especially when Bono goes off at the end and I'm sorry to say Walk On just doesn't carry as well live. Part of me misses the days when Bono would get up on his soap box and "preach" to the audience. Now, I realize that this isn't 1985 anymore and we can't live in the past, but some of the passion from the 80's is missing in these shows. Don't get me wrong, I will go see U2 anytime, anywhere, and I know that at the age of 40, I can't expect them to leave it all on the floor everynight, but there are times where the show just stands still and I never thought that could be possible at a U2 show.
Still love when Bono just goes off during a song - you still never know where he is going to take us. I can say one thing more, they are very tight and are playing really well together.

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