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by Matt S

Well, this is my first of 4 shows to end this leg of the tour. Simply put, the show was amazing. Everyone keeps talking about Bono when he stuck himself to the video screens for "The Fly" - that was really cool. The remix of the song is awesome too. We were sitting way up, and the sound was awesome - you could hear Edge as clear as a bell tonight, and Bono sounded great. The set was pretty much their standard. I think they will mix it up a bit tonight for Philly #2.

I must say that I thought they were going to come on again after "Walk On" - the crowd was screaming really loud (almost as loud as it was during the end of Game 7 against the Bucks - I was there for that too). You could senes that maybe they would come out again, but then after about three minutes, "Grace" came on. The crowd never sat down either, at least as far as I could see.

Overall, I am looking forward to my next three.

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