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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Skip

A few thoughts and comments about a band I've seen many times over the years...

The Opening is great - The band walking on to a remix version of Elevation and launching into the song themselves with the house lights on is brilliant and intimate. Someone earlier asked if this remix was available...there are numerous versions of the song...I'm sure when the single is released commercially, some will be available including the remix on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

The Setlist - Can't complain about what they did or didn't do after seeing which songs they've been playing on tour. Happy about the inclusion of Desire and Stay for the acoustic portion. Both sound great in that form. The new version of The Fly is good, but as I looked around, most people didn't recognize the song for quite a while. Maybe it's too late in the set for that song?

The New Stuff - All sounds very good, and Bono's voice sounded great. I've wondered if he was starting to lose it a bit, but didn't notice any problems last night. Stuck and Kite are particularly impressive live.

The Crowd - Very loud...I can only imagine what they would have sounded like if Bono had made a more specific mention of the Sixers. He did get thrown off a bit when the crowd chanted 'Beat LA" and I don't think he knew what we were saying.

The Highlight - The girl with the Ramones T-Shirt getting on stage with Bono, actually knowing the words to "In a Little While" AND having an angelic voice. You can always seems to count on a moemnt like that from U2...probbaly why they are still my favorite band.

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