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by Dom

This was my second Elevation show and I have to say U2 just put on a hell of a show last night. I had seats last night as opposed to GA but it was good because I could take in everything from a little further back. The Philly crowd was awesome I must say. I did not see one person sit through any of the performance and they were really loud. They were into every song and singing the whole time.

As far as U2 - Bono's voice was fantastic. He hit all the high notes and was really running around a lot. Edge, Adam, and Larry were flawless as well.


- Bad was Beautiful in every way - Bono sounded like Bono on Wide Awake in America and the Edge's ringing guitar nearly brought tears to my eyes.
- The Fly is completely amazing. The song and the visuals are truly remarkable.
- Streets was a show stopper.
- The crowd was really into Elevation, singing along and everything.
- Bono let some girl sing on stage during In a little while. She didn't seem nervous at all. Good Job!

The are just so many more. I also really enjoyed Gone, New York, and Until the End...

Bono made several references to Philadelphia wich really got the crowd going. Just before Elevation he yelled something to the effect of: Philadelphia this is going to be a great week. He mentioned Philly in Stay and before Stuck when he talked about when he was here 20 years ago. I couldnt make out the name of the club he mentioned over the crowd. However he said there were about 20 people there.

Anyway I could go on and on for pages but If you havent seen the show yet. You will love it.

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