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by Ed

This was my third U2 show, after having previously seen ZooTV and PopMart, and while I didn't think it to be possible, I think this was the best one yet.

For anyone who's reading this and hasn't gone yet, do yourself a favor and get tickets. You won't be disappointed in the least.

The set list was incredible. My favorite highlight from early in the show was the four-song tandem of In My Life, Stuck In A Moment, Kite, and Gone. All four seemed to flow perfectly into one another (and covered similar subject matter).

Until the End of the World, The Fly, One, and Walk On were also highlights of the show, but I can't honestly say that there was a single song which could be considered a clunker. I do have to admit that the band doesn't seem to play Streets or Pride with the same passion anymore, at least from my perception. Or maybe it's just a result of me having heard these songs too many times before....

As for seating, my position was on the floor, about 5 feet away from the tip of the heart. Be advised that if you're planning to be that close to the stage, you're going to have to expect a fair amount of shoving and jockeying for position. This was especially the case whenever Bono reached out into the audience. I myself was guilty of being a bit overzealous in the beginning of the concert when I inadvertantly hit someone in the face with an elbow (I apologized profusely to him soon thereafter). But with that many people in close proximity, and in varying states of delirium, it's to be expected, I suppose. But just be forewarned - it's not all "love and peace" up by the stage. There's a lot of people who will do anything they can to get to the front, regardless of who they tick off in the process. If you're small in stature, brace yourself.

Other than that, being on the floor was great, but as noted elsewhere, you do miss out a bit on the light show. But if you've seen the visual (and somewhat distant) spectacles of PopMart and ZooTV, I think it's still well worth being on the floor, as it really does enhance the intimacy of the performance. There really is something extraordinary about being within 10 feet of your favorite band, particularly when you've never seen them in any other venue than a football stadium...

Also, as a final note, be advised that this show is loud, much louder than I recall either ZooTV or PopMart being. If you have sensitive ears, you might want to consider earplugs. I kind of wish I had in retrospect, as my ears are still ringing almost a full day later...

Regardless, though, any negative experience I may have mentioned is overshadowed 100 times over by the quality of the show. Go and see U2 while they're on top of their game.... You won't regret it.

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