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by April

elevation truly lived up to its name last night! It completely rocked my world! first off, PJ Harvey was great, and i dont think they could have picked a better opening act. When Elevation started the feeling was incredible. The stage design and the fans made it even better, I felt very close to the band and the fans. I was right outside the heart on the curved part of the wall on Adam's side. Being so close (arms distance) from your favourite band was an incredible feeling. When you are waiting for the band to come on you are hot, your feet hurt, your back hurts, but once they come on stage you forget about all of that! If you haven't seen this tour yet i reccomend that you start looking for tickets right away!

Some of my Favourite moments:

- during Desire, ALL of the band members came to the tip of the heart, and Adam was literally 10 feet away from me :) I screamed "Adam rocks my world" and he smiled!

- I walked into the Arena and the first thing that caught my eye was all the ads on the walls, and how ridiculous they were. The first time Bono came to the tip he looked around and said "There's not enough advertising in this world."

- The screens behind the stage during The Fly are incredible!

- The Edge wore my lucky number! #3

- The adorable little bull fight between Bono and the Edge during Until The End...

- During I Will Follow every single person in the crowd was jumping, it was so amazing. My only mistake was wearing sandals! OUCH!

- During In A Little While Bono pulled up a girl in a Ramones shirt, and let her sing. Her voice was really amazing!

- During The Fly Bono took a girl
s camera and took about 20 shots of his face :)

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