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by Emily

(deep breath)

OK. last night, at about one AM, i think i got all of the post-show
spiritual hocus-pocus out of my system. right now i just want to try and be
coherent, and provide my impressions of what i saw.

this was my fifth U2 show over the course of the last sixteen years, and the
first time i have seen them indoors since 1987. needless to say, i was
primed for great things.

i was not disappointed.

at this point, we all pretty much know how the sets have been running, and
there were no great surprises last night. but there were some remarkable

GONE - what an unbelievable force of nature this song is live. i was blown
away. i fell in love with POP too late, and now kick myself for missing
that tour. the sounds they made during this number were vast and huge and
angry. it was unreal. bono's electric guitar solo was something directly
from the neil young playbook (complete with feedback!). i could not believe
my ears.

KITE - i missed those aching, willowy string sounds from the record, but the
live arrangement is spectacular. bono charged the high notes utterly
without fear, and hit them all. his vocal courage was evident all night

THE FLY - bono was certfiably tripping at the beginning of this number,
wriggling around in some kind of trance. i love the weird, whispery new
opening. the laps around the stage were ecstatic, and the smashing against
the video screens totally hysterical. the guitar throughout was

THE ENTIRE ENCORE (including the FLY): i have never seen a show work so
brilliantly toward its conclusion. it was like poetry, the way all of the
last songs in the encore worked together. ONE brought me to tears. WALK ON
played just like the anthem it is - jubilant and sorrowful, all at once. it
was a gorgeous way to end the show.

there are really too many things to say, and, as usual, not enough words, or
at least not the right words. they have achieved something beyond words,

bono thanked us repeatedly througout the evening - for sticking with them,
mainly. well, i would like to thank them for sticking with us.

it is rare indeed, what they do, and we are all very, very lucky.


this is magic.

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