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by ZooropaBaby/Victoria

Oh. My God.
Beautiful Day (snip ~ 1 full chorus ~ NIGHT AND DAY!) - Even if it wasn't the entire song - WOW!
In My Life (Bono, accapella, forgot some words, was on setlist) We helped him with the words
Gone - Bono did the solo at the end - has be been doing this regularly? Was quite good as well...

Notable exceptions - nothing on the setlist they didn't play, but no I Remember
You, did get Kite & Stay, no Tick Tock...
We got STAY!!! I've only waited 7 years for it.

The Oh My God. I was number 18, second row stage left (aka Adam-side ),
and had a wonderful view of Mr. Posh all night.
GOT A SMIRK when he saw my 'IT'S ADAM' sign.
(I think /hope/dream) got a smile when it went back up while pogoing to the bass.
When I flipped it and it read simply 'Pick?' I got a full-fledged *SMILE* and a
'Maybe', then a thumbs-up.
It was at that point I melted.
To make the story short, he tossed it, some namelesss peon bodyslammed me, I
didn't get it - onto the floor. Under my feet. Could not reach down to get it - some
bloke offered to get it for me.
He ended up running accross the heart screaming 'I GOT HIS PICK!!!!' while the
old-timers looked on in amazement.
If it were not for my belief in karma I would have chased and then thumped him.
I'm going railside tomorrow if it kills me.
The sign this time?
'Pick stole Pick - Pity?'
On the old side - 'If no Pick, how about Tick (Tock)?'
Let's hope..
On a side note, BTBS ended with (didn't catch it all, couldn't write, pogo, and
listen at the same time) 'close-circuit television, in front of a selected audience....'
And then 'Timothy runs into the arms of America' (May have been 'out of', not
So, he did mention McVeigh.
But, it was tastefully done, and I (we in the GA line) expected it, so it wasn't a shock.
Heston got Booed. Rather loudly.
PJ rocked - we had fishes in the front row swimming for her. She enjoyed them - Lisa had the right idea when she got them started (Hi Lisa! )
Other random notes: After reading everyone's reviews all spring from uni in England, things weren't a surprise for me, but it was amazing to finally see the 'splat', and the entire GA thing went well (but not thanks to the FUC - we organised ourselves), which was good as I had problems at Popmart.
Realising that they can read signs written with a thin-line Sharpie was almost an epiphany. It brought home just how close we were.
If we don't get the chance for GA in the future, I don't know what I'll do.
I don't want to think about it - I want to remember how amazing it was...

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