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by bonojunkie

third and final time i will see them on this leg of the tour (hping to catch one or two more on the fall leg).... and i can tell you it was fantastic.

stacked up against the other 2 i saw this tour, they were more musically intact than boston, bonos voice was awe-inspiring on some tracks (most notably during Bad, where he gave a no-holds barred belting of the line "WIDE AWAAAAKE, WIDE AWAAAAAKE...i'm not sleepin")

most chilling performance of the night had to be Bullet, with the intertwining verses on the timothy mcveigh execution that same day. i suddenly became aware of myself holding hands to face in total amazement. bone chilling verse... need the bootleg of this show for certain!!

biggest (and for me, happiest) surprise of the night was bono slipping in a few verses of night and day.... o how i would have loved them to play a full band version of that. simply marvellous! (and props to this web site for being the only one i found that included it in the set list report...not even u2.com has it updated accurately).

got some more excellent pics of the band from the outside point of the heart (which is THE place to be for excellent pics, get there if you can)... hope you enjoy!!

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