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by zooropa126

Well, it is June 17 and Im still in awe about the show this past Monday. Before I thought it would of been pointless posting a review about this concert because it was my first one. But I figured that is a bunch of sh*t and because not only are they my favorite band, they even proved it to me.
To start off my girlfriend and I left to see U2 at like 8:30 am we got there and we were 73 and 74 in line. The time we were there just flied by though. The people in line were really cool. I seriously thought people were going to be assholes but that was not the case. Anyway we get in at 6:00 and we run to the heart and we were surprised to be so close to the stage. We were right in front of Bono's mic. It was the coolest place to be.
7:30 rolls around and PJ Harvey was horrible. I tried to give her music a chance and was so disappointed. Im sorry to say but listening to her muscie just makes me want to hate my parents. Well, anyway she sucked. Sorry.
8:45 and U2 hit the stage. I was in shock to see that Bono was right in front of us. My girlfirend and I loved evey minute of it and the two people next to us were so cool. I think John and Dawn perhaps. Anyway for my first U2 show it was a gift to be so close. I loved the set list however, I sooooooooo want to here New Year's Day. Oh well were seeing them again in East Rutherford. Maybe then they will play it. One more thing, Bono has to start singing the part in With or Without You the stars part. My girlfriend so want to here that. U2 is awesome and can't wait to see them 06/22.

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