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by Couple with Irish flag!

I cried--yes, I cried during Kite...and I never cry. The song and Bono's voice was just so amazing that it brought out emotions in my body. As we all know, the concert was amazing, from beginning to end. But one thing I'd like to comment on that noone has said anything about yet was the couple with the Irish flag. I was in the heart, dead center, about 2 people back from the fence and there was this couple in front of me with an Irish flag. Now, first off, I am very surprised that Bono didn't make mention of them or look at them or give them some kind of motion. Maybe the irish flag thing is old and too many people bring them to concerts or something, but I doubt it. So I was surprised by that--but also I would like to comment that guy and girl (about highschool age) were the cutest couple I have ever seen. I mean, both of them were gorgous--and they weren't all over each other the whole show. I hate going to shows to watch people make out. They were totally into Bono and The Edge and not into each other, which shows a lot for young couples whose emotions are flying. If you guys are reading this, send me an email--I was the blonde girl wearing a light blue shirt right behind you for the majority of the concert. Overall, the best concert I have ever been to.

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