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by steve RUZZCAT

Just another night in the Chapel of U2. Another great show, but now we've all come to expect nothing less. Again, U2 didn't disappoint. They may not have picked-up on the sixers vibe, like they did the second night, but Bono didn't let the more important event of the day go by unnoticed. We wondered if he would comment on Timothy MCveigh meeting his maker, the poster child for Capital Punishment, which a lot of us have mixed emotions about. As usual, Bono's statements simply make you think about it, and let you decide for yourself. My wife and I don't attend many concerts anymore, we're getting old for this, but we have never missed a U2 show in philly for 17 years. I was concerned about the prices and the GA seating, but you know what - they're worth every penny...and I shouldn't ever worry about U2 fans. We were both nervous, since it was our first night out without the kids since having our 2nd child, alekzander, just 3 months before. My wife threatend me before the tour dates were announced...good thing Philly was at the end of the first leg, whew! Side note - We were totally suprised/amazed by the number of late term Pregnant women we saw before during and after the show - we counted 5! The new songs were great, and the old ones still hold their power. There is nothing more powerfull than to stop and take in the site of an entire stadium - when 22,000 people are singing and dancing in unison. I've been to a lot of concerts in my day, including Live Aid and Amnesty Int'l shows, but nothing compares to U2 and the crowd in full glory.

Time for confession. We DID sit down for short spells, not all the way down, just on the tops of our seats. It's the first time we've sat down at a U2 show. Not because we weren't enjoying ourselves, but like I said, we're getting old. Please forgive us.

Two songs that I personally think were sub-par? "New York", which I love on record, but was under impressed with the live version for the first time,and "The Fly", which felt out of context here. I also was looking forward to hearing "Ground beneath her feet" live, and "All I want is You" holds a special place with my wife and I. However, hearing "Bad" with "40" on the end, more than made up for it. The old-timers in the crowd remember the powerfull vibe of carrying "40" out into the streets on many a night...ah, but all good things must come to an end, the mass is over...Amen. Time to go home and sleep before returning to the daily grind...but for a change, we wished we would have gotten stuck in the moment, since it had been a long time since we felt like we were kids again...They don't come around often enough. God bless, hopefully we'll meet up with those of you in the congregation again in the fall.

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