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by Rob G.

I love U2, I hate the U2 bubble gum club, but it the Philly show was great!

Well let me start off by saying, after 25 hours of preparation and waiting all night to get to the tip of the heart for then second time, I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. It was obvious that after even towards the end of the tour Bono was giving everything he had last night as if it were the last gig of their career. This was my 6th show Ive seen of the tour, and for some reason, Elevation came off as such an emotional song to me last night. Due to the fact that Bono was pouring his heart out into it. Out of Control was brilliant being performed for the first time in Philadelphia in 18 years.An acoustic version Please was beautiful and yet, haunting. Great show !

The show was outstanding, BUT the the U2 bubble gum club fans were NOT, (again). Who is the U2 bubble gum fan club you ask? Well let me give you some hints and maybe you can figure this one out. The U2 bubble gum fan club are those group of fans the are always 1 through approximately 15 or 20 on the GA number system list. You know, the ones that arent there but the girl that travels to see U2 from city to city always puts their name on the list anyway! Speaking of that girl who makes the list (I should mention her name but I wont), she must have her spot in front of Bono in the heart, against the rail every damn show. And if she doesnt she has a temper tantrum. Also, in some cities when the fans that have been waiting all night want to do a new role call at 10am, girl will put those peoples names right back on the list. But not as number 10, 11, or 12 (or what the really should be, 50,51,52, etc) she will list them as 10A, 10B, 10C. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE !?!?!? People I was talking to last night told me the she extremely rude to people that had high numbers, and that she was telling them that the would be standing all the way in the back and wont be able to see anything. This is getting to be ridiculous. I understand that there should be a number system, BUT, be fair and DONT RESERVE NUMBERS! Let other people get a shot in getting close that camp out all night instead of the ones that dont. I waited for Bono to pull into the building last night before the show (he didnt til right before the show) but I gave up waiting and walked away in disgust because the same people, AGAIN, for the probably 50th time were pushed up against the rail waiting for the band. Isnt U2 catching onto this? doesnt Bono,Edge and Adam get sick of seeing the same people in the front every night? Bono probably forgets what city he is performing in because hes sees the same crowd night after night? Im sorry that Im being this negative,but I know a lot of people will relate to this because I have heard so much talk about this problem with this crowd every time Ive seen U2 on this tour. Its time that these people outta step back and realize what real U2 fans are really about. Generous, respectful, sharing, and not sneaky and decieving. I hope people read this and posts their feedback on this website.
To everyone else...I cant wait til I see ya'll again, its been a great journey this tour, hope to do it again soon, THE RIGHT WAY!

-rob / mofoy2k

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