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by Meredith

Oh my god. Oh my god, this was the best night of my entire life, and I'm only 17. I saw them in June too, but last night blew that away. Bono was better than ever and they even played "Bad" and "Pride", 2 of my fav songs. "Streets" was absolutely amazing. I was so close to Bono and got some really kick ass pictures, but no scanner so I can't post em, sorry. I was a bit let down that they didn't play my song, "With or Without You" but I truely have not a thing to complain about. GA people are so nice and the songs, lighting...everything made me so happy. I love U2. Haha, What 13 year old girls are to Nsync, I am to U2: An obsessed noisy fan, who screams at the mere mention of U2.

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