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by MSC15068

I must say that Friday night was a hell of a show in Philly. I was to meet my friend at 30th St. Station at 7:30pm, but the bus I was on from Allentown ended up being almost an hour late in arrival. We got inside the arena about a second or two before the Beatles songs were on, and made are way, fairly unhindered, to Adam's side on the outer heart of the floor. Awesome view for the entire show.

Personal Highlights:

1) Bullet the Blue Sky - Edge was incredible and Larry and Adam were dead on too.

2) Bono & Edge screwing around with Wild Honey

3) Out of Control

4) Bono completely ignoring the girl who was on someones shoulders, trying to get his attention at the tip of the heart during the dripping emotion of "Please"


1) The guy a few headrows in front of us who continuously held his camcorder high in the air to film the show.

2) No surprise performance of "Gloria" :)(Though I am definately satisfied with Out of Control.)

3) Feeling bad for the people who went to the gate, only to find that their tickets were fakes.

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