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by Megan and Jenn

After attending the show in East Rutherford, we decided it was necessary to get to another one. By way of miracle, a ticket exchange worked out the day before the concert - not bad seats either. Even without the GA experience, the Philadelphia show was outstanding. The set list was unbelieveable. The inclusion of Out of Control and Wild Honey was a fabulous suprise. I think some of the fans less familiar with previous shows thought our enthusiasm was a bit much, but it was so good to hear those songs. Bad/40 and Please were also highlights. The energy at the show was so high, seen both in the band and audience. The only negative seen at all were some audience members who felt the need to drink themselves into oblivion before New Year's Day was even played. While they were a slight distraction with loud, obnoxious conversation and a lack of ability to stand without swaying drastically, we were able to move into the aisle and mostly avoid interaction. I just can't understand why someone would deprive themselves of such a wonderful experience by blocking the ability to remember most of it and having to spend half the show in the bathroom. Despite this, the show was an amazing end to the east coast tour and a truly memorable evening. Also - Stereophonics - we love them.

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