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by Ken

Been to U2 shows for a long time (Tower Theater: 1984), and it's still great to see young fans at U2 shows today. We time-worn U2 fans can still remember what it was like seeing U2's passion and energy as impressionable teens full of youth and spirit. I'm thankful that those Dublin boys are still out there touring so today's "youngins" can feel what we felt 20 some yrs ago.

Being in the heart again, it is a truly magical concert experience, as was echoed by my pal seeing his 1st U2 show ever. You haven't just BEEN to the concert, you've actually been SURROUNDED and OVERTAKEN by it.

Having never seen Out of Control live, of course it was the highlight of my evening. Thanks to those around me who endured my singing (shouting?) and incessant jumping for those 3 minutes. I never imagined I'd ever hear a live version of that wonderful little U23 piece of vinyl.

Missed Edge's uplifting electric guitar work on Mysterious Ways, With or Without You, & All I Want is You that showed up in the June shows, but was more than satisfied with the acoustic inclusions of Please & Wild Honey, not to mention the take-me-back-to-Live-Aid nostalgia of Bad.

One has always been a soul-stirrer for me in concert from the moment it was introduced in the Zoo Station tour, but last night's rendition with the names of those cruelly taken from us being projected all about the arena took it to another level. For those of us (myself included) who silently wondered whether Bono strayed in the 90's from his innate ability to move audiences, he proved to us that he still got it, and it's more refined and powerful than ever.

I really feel sorry for those who feel "let down" by this show. So much of how this passionately fanatical U2 following came to be over 2+ decades just can't be pinned down by set lists, length of show, or even seat location ('cause I've been in nosebleed also). I've heard it described as "religious". Perhaps. I just like to think of it that U2 live takes me to a higher place inside that's so hard to reach. A place I wish I could go everyday. But then again, I guess that's why it's so special.

God Bless U2.


PS - to anyone having the audio from Nov 2, I'd be willing to trade June 12 (or another show further back). ken.stoltzfus@astrazeneca.com

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