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by bjkrober

What a fantastic night!  I wasn't excited about OneRepublic as an opening act, but they were a legit, rockin' band!  R. Tedder went for, and hit every note.  We were in GA about 5 people back from the B stage.  The pre-JT songs were worth the price of admission alone.  Bono's voice was strong all night and he mostly avoided the "talk-sing" thing he sometimes does.  The Streets intro had the tears rolling all around!  Great sound by J.O. as usual by the way.  RHMT is definately the weakest song of the JT section.  (not feeling the piano/hons version or the boring video)  Exit was a fantastic as I'd hoped.  Not a fan of the programmed drums during a large chunk of MOTD.  Miss Sarajevo is definately the low-light of the concert.  They could stick witht the video, but use a different song.  Terrible way to start the encore.  Everyone hates on Elevation and Vertigo, but it's a killer 1-2 punch in the encore - which is needed after MOTD and MS back to back.  Overall it felt like I got my band back after the i+e thingy 2 years ago.  Looking forward to 9-10-17 in Indy.

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