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by eric naulaerts

At the time of the concert I had to do my duty in the army in Germany, so I couldn't get my tickets myself, so I had to pay an awful lot of money to get in. It was sold out very fast.

At the day of the concert I went quite early to Gent to have a good place at the middle of the venue. Outside there was a U2 merchandising stand and people had to wait until about 18.00 to enter the venue. It was a mess. My ticket isn't even checked. I think anyone could get in.

In the hall there was another large merchandising place. I went straigth in to try to get in the front part at the right and just after me they closed it. Anyone in could get out with a sign, but none could get in without a sign.

The Fatima Mansions reminded me at another group I saw as support act for Everything But The Girl, Microdisney, and guess what, it was true, the singer sang in both bands. Their concert wasn't apreciated very well although I must admit I liked it.

Then BP Fallon DJed in the mirrorball trabant at the ministage. I remember songs like the One Love (Bob Marley), Magical Mystery Tour (Beatles), Be My Baby (Supremes). Then suddenly the light went out, and the intro of Zoo station started.

The first three songs I couldn't see anything in detail because of the overwhelming TVs and messages everywhere. I was lost in all the video. After some time you get used to this media and the band played a very nice set. I didn't notice the belly dancer at the time, but on video i had to find out that she was there.

One of the great moments was when they came to the B-stage and the mirrorball trabant was lifted up and then during Satelite Of Love and Dancing Queen the trabant was turned around and the whole place was filled with the ligt of this mirrorball.

The way they played Bullet the Blue sky was to aggressive for me, and at the end Bono told us it was his birthday (which was a lie, it's the day after).

All in all this was the best Zoo TV concert I watched.

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