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by Matt B

Okay, Jusy chiming in
my 2 cents here, I just have to add a few thoughts from last nights show (this may be old news to some of you, but
this is my only show on this leg of the Elevation tour):

1. Tick Tock... Damn I feel blessed! Amazing, exactly what I wanted
2. Bono tripping... He almost took a nice spill on his arse, unfortunately I
don't remember exactly when, he was walking (note: walking, not running or
jumping or anything) up the ramp to the catwalk on Adam's side and it almost
looked like he tripped over a monitor or something. He caught himself before
falling, then gag limped around the stage for a few moments (although for a
few moments after he was favoring his right leg)
3. Bono kissing Edge during the first solo in "End Of The World" then
screwing with Edge's guitar during the coda solo (including shoving him mic
against the pickups allowing for a wonderous squeal of feedback)
4. If you're reading this, consider this a big "F**K YOU" to the A$$hole who
threw beer and hit me with it during Bullet.
5. Bullet + Patti Smith = all good. And still, way too many people cheering
during the Heston video, Bono's screaming about the number of people who
have been killed by handguns and such was amazing though.
6. Sweetest Thing: My Wife's life is complete
7. Bono seeing the Irish flag during "Sunday" and saying something along the
lines of "Colors are Dangerous Things"
8. After "Stuck" mentioning that the song was a way to say "F**k Off" to
Michael Hutchence, and that the other 3 guys on stage tell him to f**k off
all the time (then apologizing... and explaining the use of explicitives).
9. Longwinded this list is, isn't it?
10. The look on Edge's face when Bono asked the crowd if the name was
"Sporty or Scary Spice"?
11. Bono playing piano... can we say chickenscratch?
12. I think Adam smiled, but only quickly, so no one noticed...
13. The coda at the end of Kite, Bono going through the end of the song
14. The Fly... all the video effects, and the whole video screen that Bono
"jumped into" to finish the set.

I know there's a ton more things to mention, but this is all I can think of
at the moment... since my head is still clouded and i'm at work now with
less than 3 hours sleep, so if anyone has anything i missed, please let me
know... Big props to BCN for playing a Boston Paradise show from '83 right
after the show... exactly what i needed while dozing off in the parking

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