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by Anthony Crinella

My third and last show of this tour was last night's third Boston show. I was third level side stage in Denver (They played Bad, In a little while, Discoteqhue/staring at the sun, and Bono thanked the inventor of the wide angle lens for making 1500 people look like 10000 at red rocks). I was "gold circle" in the middle of the arena for San Jose #2 (probably the best show of the tour musically; with Kite played for the first time ever, Stay played for the first time in the US, and Angel of harlem and All I want is you for the second time on this tour, and pride and the second encore had just been added). Last night in Boston was absolutely my greatest experience of the tour, being in the heart, on the rail just to the Edge side of the tip. However much fun it looks like inside the heart when you're in the seats, it's even more intense than you think it's going to be. The energy and emotion are awesome, the sound is much clearer and louder, and everyone around you is as into it as you. Oh yea, and being two feet away from Bono and the Edge doesn't suck very much either.
My brother and I met some cool people (Matt, Erin, Kaitlyn, Michelle), and had a great, great night.

Amanda, thanks so much for watching my dogs back in Texas while I was gone. You rock.

First of all, we got a copy of the set list from security after PJ went off. Here's EXACTLY what it says:

stevie wonder - higher ground 3.40
intro trippy elevation mix
beautiful day
end of the world
new years day
(rap - in my life Bono)
stuck in a moment
new york
11 o'clock
sunday bloody sunday
sweetest thing
angel of harlem
ground beneath
all I want
mysterious ways
gun movie
with or without
walk on

boston (3) 8th June

So, we were supposed to get a little more music than we got, and you gotta hate dropping pride, but to make up for it, Bono was really chatty and Mr. The Edge was on fire last night. He extended solos and changed a few things around, and really played with extra emotion. Bono seemed a little frustrated with his voice, and he definitely avoided some higher notes (new years day, stuck in a moment). His voice SOUNDED awesome, he could sing loudly, but the higher notes were just out of reach (any rock singer would still kill for the voice of 41 year old Paul Hewson).

Some more things I'll remember:
Bono walking along my side of the walkway and saying "let's see what interesting things we have in the heart tonight" Then he grabbed the girl's cowboy hat and started to put it on, but then gave it back and said: "I'm sure it looks better on you" He then took another girl's stuffed animal and said "Why do you bring this to every show" in front of 18,000 people.
Bono kept reaching for something in the crowd at the tip of the heart, and he wanted this girl's paper crown (like Burger King, you know). He put it on and started convulsing (acting up), then threw it back. He looked right at my banner, which was the bruins logo with "U2" in the middle instead of a "B", but his face didn't register that he got it.
The look in the girl's eyes when Bono was kissing her arm was amazing. She probably could have flown around the fleet center if he asked her to right then.
After Stuck in a moment, Bono tells us that the song is an argument that he wishes he could have had with his "mate" Micheal Hutchence while he was still alive. The he says: "This next song's really about the same thing, so now's a good time to go get a beer if you want to", and he intorduces Kite.
Bono: "I'd like to introduce you to the Spice Girls"
Bono's anti gun rant at the end of Bullet, finishing with "Mark Chapman! Mark Chapman! Mark Chapman!..."
In New York, after the line "Irish have been coming here for years" The crowd gave a huge ovation, but not to be construed as pro-New York, the corridor full of people on the way out were all chanting "Yankees Suck". I love Bostonians. They rock.
Bono letting the crowd sing the "Sunday bloody" part of the chorus and then only singing the second "Sunday" sounds great.
At the beginning of Bullet, Bono opens his jacket, and the lining is stars and stripes.
Bono saying "I get told to f*** off by these three all the time", then appologizing for saying "expleetives" (that's how he pronounced it).
Musical highlights:
Streets - absolutely rocked
Elevation - I wish they would open AND close the show with it.
Kite - you have to hear Bono sing "I'm a man..." live to appreciate how hard this song hits.
All I want is you - Edge rocks, the crowd screams the chorus at the end - very emotional.
11'oclock. Go listen to the song. It kicks butt live.
Mysterious ways - The edge is the greatest living innovative guitar player.
My voice - still shot 24 hours later.
thanks to all involved with the band and Fleet center for a great show, thanks to #21 for keeping the line outside honest and informed.

GA'ers: 11:00 - 1:00 arrival should get you into the heart. Bring sunscreen.

"and I'm a creep." Later.

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