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by Bob Parker

What a Great show !! This was my 8th time seeing the band and it get's better every time. Opening up with Elevation with the house lights still turned on brought back memories from the time I saw the band back in
87 (Joshua Tree) at the old Boston Garden when they performed the whole show with the house lights on. I was glad to see New Years day back in the set. I would have liked to hear Bad and Pride but the band made up for the loss of those songs in the set with 11 O'Clock
Tick Tock, Angel of Harlem, Sweetest Thing, Ground Beneath Her Feet and All I want is you. Being that me and my wife picked All I want is you as our wedding song 5 years ago this song made the show even more special for the both of us. U2 has a way of connecting with there fans that no other band can touch. Before the show I sat at a bar called the Grand Canal drinking Killians, Harpoons, etc. The U2 video Rattle and Hum was playing on the big screen TV at the bar. The whole bar was singing to Pride and With or Without you. It was like a concert hall in it's self. The atmosphere before and during the show was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. There is no fan like a U2 fan and there is no band like U2. What a show !! What a band !! What a night !! What a city !! The Elevation tour was a complete gem. I'm so glad to be part of it all. I'm on the phone today trying to get tickets to the up coming shows in New York city. I just have to see this band again this summer because I have a strange feeling that this may be there last tour. Let's hope not but all the signs are there. Either way U2 is the best and this show and tour was a complete winner.

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