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by Bridget Fitzgerald

WOW. That's all I can say. I've seen the boys before--on the Popmart tour at Foxboro--but this was a hundred times better. The arena setting made for a more intimate and smaller stage. And it was in Boston. And oh yeah, I was inside the heart, second row...
What a rush.... it was worth waiting in line the whole day, and the sunburn on my white Irish skin. I was a little to the right of Bono (facing the stage), within spitting distance of Clayton. You can't believe how real it was, seeing their facial expressions and EVERYTHING right up close. I must say this--Clayton seemed to be enjoying it the most; he was just playing his bass and smiling at the crowd the whole time. It was great. I just kept thinking (and still think) "Damn, he's SO cool". I'm glad i was to the right side of the stage this time, because on the Pop tour I was on the left (second row also), but since it was a big stage I was so much further away from all the action. I enjoyed this show soooo much.
They played with such intensity and emotion too. It was a great show--I'm glad that they weren't taping that night because I think it allowed the boys to be more free... from the set list to Bono's antecdotes ("Sometimes, the best thing you can do for somebody is tell them to 'F*** off'... I get told to f*** off all the time by these three.").
I enjoyed all the songs, but would have loved to hear Bad or I Will Follow. It is also a shame that the show got cut short, and therefore cutting off the last song--no Pride was played. I could tell that they ended early, but at the time I didn't know how early. I can deal with one song. You could tell Bono was struggling--either with his voice or the acoustics... I don't know what. I was really looking forward to Pride, but they made up for it with Streets which was orgasmic. I was surprised they played New York--I've always thought it was one of the weaker songs on the new album. But I did like it live alot. And, Elevation to open the show was kick ass, of course.
This show was the best. The sound was so loud and clear, the emotions were there, U2 was into it along with the crowd. Thumbs up on the festival seating. I hope to GOD this isn't the last tour... Seeing the show made me love them even more, if possible....

Anthony is right... get there 11am-2pm to get into the heart ... My brother and I got there at one-thirty and was right next to a guy who came at 8am.

Now some show superlatives...

Best singer: Larry Mullen (He was singing along to the end of the last song, Walk On,...all that you fashion, all that you make, all that you build, all that you break... etc etc.)

Best dressed: The Edge ("Number seven, the Edge"... aka sporty spice). Although a close second is Adam with the cool pants.

Most generous: Bono. How I would love to be the person who got his sunglasses.

Most sweat glands: Bono. He was dripping.

Best makeup: PJ.

Best song: Streets.

Oddest choice of song (I think): end of the world.

Best cameo appearance: Charleton Heston.

There are probably other things to add... but I'm sure however much I try I will never be able to emphasize how awesome this show was!!!

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