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by Jennifer

This show was a dream come true for me. I was right at the tip of the heart, and had an excellent view not only of Bono and Edge when they performed near me, but also of the whole stage and heart.

To begin with, the energy was great but Bono seemed to be in some pain with his voice. He sang parts of New Year's Day directly in front of me, and the pain on his face when he reached for difficult notes was really quite heartbreaking. His face would just wrench up in pain and he would clutch at his throat. By the time Kite rolled around, though, he seemed to have miraculously gotten his voice back and didn't have any problems the rest of the night, I thought. It never bothers me from a musical standpoint if Bono's voice is less than perfect, but on a personal level it's really painful to watch him suffer.

11 O'Clock Tick Tock????? What a treat! I went absolutely crazy, and the whole heart was jumping around hysterically.

The highlight of this show was what Bono did to me during The Fly. The transformation of this song is just phenomenal, really stunning, so I was already high just hearing it. Then about the time the instrumental part starts, Bono walked around the heart and started holding his hand out to me. He approached me, looking into my eyes, perched on the ledge right in front of my face, and took my hand, bit my arm, sucked it, pressed my hand into his face and neck, and then continued to hold and squeeze my hand for a long time. This entire time he was looking directly into my eyes, and never looked away. He got to the "look, I gotta go" line, and started backing away from me, still holding my hand and looking into my eyes, and then turned and made one lap of the heart, shrugging his shoulders at me apologetically as he ran by again.

It was like time had stood still! As anyone who has ever been stared at by Bono knows, he has the most INTENSE gaze you can possibly ever imagine, and makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life, really really special to me. After the show I was approached by dozens of people who congratulated me, and some of the fans in line the next day started calling me The Flygirl. I am still so high!

Even if this experience hadn't happened, it was a really amazing show for me, and Sweetest Thing and GBHF were a real treat. Bono had so much interraction with the audience, playing with various things they offered up to him. He took the sign of some friends of mine during Angel of Harlem and held it up and smiled at them, so they were really excited, too. He also made an extremely funny comment before "Kite", saying that it was basically about the same thing as the last song, so it would be an ideal time to go get a beer. I thought it was sarcastic more than funny, because maybe he was frustrated about his voice. But neither the frustration nor the voice problem lasted long, and it was a beautiful concert.

If anyone has photos of this Fly incident with me (I am in a red tank top with brown hair in a ponytail), I would really appreciate it if you'd email me at jennifer_williams15@yahoo.com.

Thank you, Bono, for a wonderful night!

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