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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Renato Yoshida

When I was living in Brazil, I missed the PopMart in SP and Rio and I felt so bad because of that. But after have bravely faced a 4-hour-line to get my ticket, finally after 5 months later, I was inside the FleetCenter to see my favorite band. This day was very emotional for me for different reasons. First, less than 1 year after I started living in Boston I had the opportunity to see U2 live. Secondly, because back in June 2001, I was so deeply in love with my former girlfriend and some songs such as "The Ground Beneath her Feet", "All I Want is You", "With or Without", "One", ... had so much to say about our long distance relationship that we were in that I almost cried listening to those songs. Although, I was on my own that day, I didn't feel lonely. The concert was so amazing that I could barely noticed that I had no friend by my side. Each song played was a mixed of joy and sadness - because one song played means one song less to finished their set list. I could say that I was expecting to listen to "Bad", "Out of Control", "In a Little While", ... however, being a fan means: "even if they had played all their songs, I could had wished for more".

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