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by Anson

Just came back from the concert. It was my first U2 concert and it was amazing. The vibe was incredible when you have 20,000 people together.....and if for a common cause, you know it's gonna change the world. Bono is such a charismatic frontman. Everytime he shoves his hands into the air, the crowd in front of him waves like the sea.

The lighting was beautiful, especially the light curtains and the lighted eclipse runway. They are so colorful it gives you a great psychedelic trip. My seat was located in section 320, which is looking at the stage from the 10 o'clock position, facing the Edge's right shoulder and back. Fortunately, they equipped large projection screens in the back, one on each side. So those of you who have seats in the back don't have to sweat.

About the songs, I read too many disappointed reviews from the Tuesday show beforehand, but the songs turned out much better than I expected. The emotions were high starting from "Miracle Drug" on...up until they ended the first set with "One". I really looked forward to listen to "Yahweh" at the end, which they did not play, but I'm still glad they played "With or Without You" and "Bad", and that totally made my day. The concerted ended with "40", and everyone kept singing - "How long to sing this song?", trying to get another encore. I even heard people kept singing that line on their way back to the parking lot.

Great concert. One of the most memorable concert experiences I've had.

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