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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jeff Topping

I know there are many reviews already, but I want to give a brief run down from my POV.

age 36, fan since 83, seen MANY shows since 85.

got GA tixs, in line at 7:30 am was 48th in line, got split into reg GA line was 14th!! didt get elipsed, but was front row along the outside of the elipse.

show was great, have heard nearly a dozen recordings of this tour so far. this one was right up there! first half was straightforward. got gloria, hoped for cat>heart. the action came at the encore. during end of the world we realized we had been standing against the platform bono steps on to go into the crowd. so before i know it, im holding his arm and leg as he stands above us all. killer! they start OOC edge has nothing in his hands, gives thumbs up as if, "i got it under control" gets white les paul, and starts on wrong note. at the first chorus break he gets lost and freezes. painful to watch , he really choked, looked terrified, it effected Original as he hit wrong notes there too. that may have loosened up the show some, but im sure no one likes to f up like that. we got all the great gems in the enore, including bad which was worth the price of admission alone.

nugget of info, while waiting in the ga line inside the building we heard them rehearsing whose gonna ride your wild horses, 2-3 times.

great show. great fans.

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