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by arend

This was my first Vertigo Show and the first U2 show I ever saw in the US - I have been to a couple of European Shows.

Firstly, I was a little concerned about the seats being at the side of the stage and quite high up, and my heart sunk, when I noticed I was in the top row. I soon realised, when turning around that these were not bad seats at all.

The band came on with searlights during LAPOE - and the lights on the floor and the "shower curtains" are really great and make this an amazing spectacle. The band were on form and connected to the audience. This was absolutley great.

There were too many highlights to count, personally to me UTEOTW was great, of course hearing Wild horses for the first time live and Party Girl - Edge did an amazing solo there. I loved Bullet to Running, and really enjoyed this very quiet moment. Shame some people thought that this was a great moment to have a chat and get their cells out.

For the two kids - that most have been a memorable night, walking with Bono around the Elipse and finishing City of Blinding lights sitting behind Larrys Kit.

All were really in to it, Sometimes was very emotional to hear.

At some stage, Larrys Drum tech fitted something to one of his drums, I can't say whether the skin was broken or what had happened.

Great show - looking forward to my one European show and thanks very much.

Enjoy the pictures - they are unedited and raw. Sorry for the double vision, but the floor was shaking sometimes (and it was not easy to hold the camera!)

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