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by Eric

Wow, for starters. My second U2 show (I went to the one in Hartford on the Elevation Tour) and both were equally as great. The moment that set this show off was when they played Elevation. The whole crowd belted out the lyrics and right when you thought the band was going to come in and rock, but they stayed with Edges guitar riff. I also loved New Years Day live, Edge on the keyboard was great. Wild Horses was a great song too because it was totally unexpected and they performed it flawlessly. The down sides were that I enjoyed the ending to One that Bono put on in the Elevation tour better than how they ended it here, and the intro to The Fly was better on the Elevation tour better than what they performed last night. I also thought Vertigo would be a more powerful song live than it actually was, and I was disappointed they didnt play Bad or Mysterious Ways. Other than that, U2 always puts on a great show and are true performers. I'll definetly be back to see a show on the 3rd leg.

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