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by Yair Lafitte Lelis Lara

I can't find an appropriate word to define last night's show, maybe GIGANTIC is the correct one, but one thing is clear for me, U2 is the biggest band over the face of earth, my throat can affirm this, I'm nearly without voice 'cause all 55,000 fans sang every song. It was worth the wait, 6 months are nothing compared with the show you can see,

I'm still amazed with one thing: at the end of with or without you, Bono asked us for the lighters, he said "do the spotlight", then with only edge's guitar doing the last notes, I turned around and saw an enormous christmas tree, I mean, lighters went on and off, that thing is really awesome. Bono also said a few words in his "spanish" and that was the thing we were waiting for over 5 years since ZOO TV, believe me guys, this show is the greatest ever, the screen, the lemon, the guys, well it's all part of U2.

Only two more things to say:

1. Bono said before sbs that this song still has its message and that this was for Mexico as well as Sarajevo.

2. At the end of the show after one/unchained melody, the band said goodbye and thanked for the show, but a curious thing happened then, the first notes of INXS song Never Tear Us Apart started to rumble, the crowd went crazy, but we discovered that the DJ did a good work cheating us.. :)

Hope they come back soon and not again after 5 years.

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