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by Lourdes Villareal

There have been some negative stories and opinions about the first U2 concert in our City. Some are related to that sad incident between U2's security manager and a bodiguard of the Mexican President's son. Some talk about the stressed look of Bono. Some even complain that The Edge failed on two chords!

To me, on December 2 God sent his angels to Mexico City.

I was very near of the stage, too, so I didn't have to look very much at the screen, that wonderful show was happening right in front of my nose.

The audience just didn't stop singing and shouting, it was amazing! One highlight was when they were singing "Pride". Bono asked to sing with him, and we were still singing long after the song had ended. Bono was some 20 feet away from me at this point. I will never forget his look. He was so moved that he couldn't sing along with us, nor say a word for a while.

It was a great experience to see U2 live again after 5 long years. Bono's voice sounded great and the guys play better than ever. I don't know how they continue improving themselves after so many years.

And they treated their fans very, very good, specially Bono and Mr. Paul McGuinness, a real gentleman. I'm in a Mexican Fan Club and we stayed some nights at the Four Seasons Hotel expecting to shoot some photographs and get an autogramm (or just a handshake). Altough I couldn't get anything, my fellow members did, and they are impressed of how friendly and warm the band members are.

All that confirmed that U2 is the most professional and talented band on Earth!

I hope that the incident where his security manager resulted injured don't cause that the Band won't play anymore in our country, we all love them very much. We all feel ashamed for this, makes a bad reputation to our country, and if it helps, I would like to apologize in the name of Mexico because of this.

I'm unpatiently waiting for the next tour...

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