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by Mickey Munoz

I'm still amazed by the way a U2 concert can be improved in the way it did on Wednesday's night. But, I know there were some specific reasons that had to do with it.

Word was spread out by all rock radio stations that an embarrasing incident happened before the beginning of Tuesday's show. I know that I live in a country which is hardly working to get out from a "third-world country" spot, specially the whole Mexican youth, but even though it's a difficult thing to deal with, we must accept that we still live in a third-world country. And unfortunately, incidents like this, still make us look like that.

It occurs that the son of a very important politician (we still don't know who he really is) had an argument with the event security staff, and in the middle of this riot, U2's chief of security, Jerry Mele was hurt. This guy's bodyguard hit him with a gun. Obviously, U2 was thinking about cancelling the concert and after a long wait, (U2 was supposed to be playing at 9.30, and the gig started at 10.00), U2 appeared on stage. Furthermore, I have also heard that Bono had technical problems with sound, too.

In spite of all this, Tuesday's show as I told you on my first review, was terrific. Violence in this city, has increased dramatically. Last year, one of my brothers, a big U2 fan, was assaulted and murdered. He'd have been watching Wednesday's concert with me. And in fact, I cried a lot during "ONE".

In this concern, Mexico's top radio station, send U2 and all the members of their crew a message in behalf of all Mexican people apologizing for Tuesday's events, and proclaiming Mexico city against violence. I also have to mention, that U2's second gig, was going to be broadcast to the U.S. and Europe by a mexican TV network. So in an early interview, Bono told Mexican audience that the second show was gonna be far better from the first one. And let me tell you, sure it was.

A lot of significant moments went on, but climax arrived when in the middle of Pride, all lights went out, and 50,000 people sang the "oooh part". This provoked in Bono a small flood of tears, and that emotion invaded the whole Autodromo. The set list was almost the same that the first one, but they added "Desire" to the acoustic part, and replaced "Unchained Melody", with a beautiful " Wake up dead man". I think the best songs were "Please", "Gone" (with Edge's great backing vocals), "Hold me, Thrill me..." and "Velvet dress".

If you're still waiting for Pop Mart tour to arrive, don't miss the chance. U2's still showing why they are and will always be the biggest band on earth.

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