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by Amaury De Leon

When I saw the u2 concert,it left me some sensations that I have never experienced before.The truth is that when I knew of the concert, I tought that I was gonna hear a lot of great songs, but that the lights, the big screen, and the gigantic lemon where going to get all my attention (maybe I tought that because I have never seen a U2 concert in my 17 years of life).

God.....I was so wrong....

The show started like I expected, with a great and original entrance, and an opening song (Mofo) that was gonna put the people to sing and dance; then came I will Follow and some other songs of the POP album and the Achtung Baby album, it all was going as I expected, great lights, a great show, and great songs.

And then the opening bass riff of New Year's Day started to play.........and the concert started to reach a magnitude that I never expected to reach, and from that moment it wasn't the lights or the big screen that got the attention, it was the great songs and the great atmosphere that started to feel in the people, an atmosphere of union, when we all sang together (in fact even before these song the people we're singing, but for some reason, it felt different now), and to watch all the lighters turning on and off at the same time, how we all sing Pride (for me this was the climax of the concert), and the beatiful words Bono say before singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, the acoustic part (especially Staring At The Sun) and the always beautiful Sunday Bloody Sunday.

And then came the rebellious U2,when they sing some powerful interpretations of Bullet the Blue Sky, Please, and the classic Where The Streets Have no Name.

And then they came down the giant lemon (one of the attractions of the PopMart Tour) and they played Discotheque, followed by If you Wear That Velvet Dress, and the classic With or Without You, that made forget about the giant lemon and the lights, and it all came down to just U2 and 65,000 voices (and lighters) songing.

This couldn't end like this, so they came back to play Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me, and some memorable interpretations of Mysterious Ways and specially (very specially!!) One (that was dedicated to Michael Hutchence), that made almost half the of the people to cry. And at last they played Wake Up Dead Man, a song that I don't liked to much, but that night it was just simply beautiful.

The concert was finished and I really felt satisfied, In fact the concert have been great even without the great lights, the big screen and the gigantic lemon, but all these only proved what almost all of the world knows: U2 is the best rock group in the planet.

They say that the Edge have some errors while playing some songs, and that Larry Mullen was off time in some songs,and that Bono sang out of tune some parts of some songs.........maybe all that was true, like it is true that Bono says the same things to the people in every concert, but nothing of these matters, the only thing that matters is that God Has Sent His Angels to Mexico......and that they did a really terrific job.

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