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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Crewboy

10 days, six shows.  And what an incredible residency here in Los Angeles it's been for not only the fans, but U2 themselves.

As tragic as the passing of Dennis Sheehan was to the band, the difference between the one show U2 played before he passed and the four they've played since he passed has been night and day.  Where opening night gave the impression that U2 was still trying to see what worked and didn't work in the show, the remaining four shows saw band play with laser focus intensity.

For this last show in Los Angeles, the band seemed to have only a single goal.  To rock The Forum and have a fun time doing it.

The moment Bono comes out, the audience began singing the opening notes to The Miracle.  Rapid fire performances of Out Of Control, Vertigo and I Will Follow seal the deal.  The band is on fire, the fans are riled up.

Then comes the SOI trio of Iris, Song For Someone and Cedarwood Road.  Strongly performed, well received.  The only issue with Iris is that Bono really seems to want the final refrain to be a full on audience singalong.  It's been very hit and miss here in L.A.  When it works, it's awesome.  When it doesn't, you can see the frustration on Bono's face.

Sunday Bloody Sunday.....stripped down, yet retains it's power thanks to how beautifully staged it is.

The first act closes with Raised By Wolves and a torrential Until The End Of The World.  The video production for the latter is first rate.  The only issue with the first act is that it is so dependant on the video interaction....there is little room for changes to the set list.  It's safe to say that the first half of this show is locked in and ready for the rest of the tour.

The second act is where "anything can happen".  On previous U2 tours, fans knew what songs they would switch out, where they'd switch out and on what nights.  With LA....that didn't happen.  Each night, the fans got at least one differenct song.  For the final night, they played Volcano and Ordinary Love.   

The technical glitch hits when Edge's piano on the "e" stage won't patch into the PA.  Bono scans the audience, reading the various signs being held up for him to see as the techs try to fix the problem.  The audience gets a chuckle when upon seeing a "Lesbians For Bono" poster, Bono tells them that "Bono is for Lesbians".

When Edge has to depart to the main stage after failing to get his piano to work, Bono pulls an Elvis impersonator onto the stage.  "Elvis" with encouragement from Bono sings the first verse of "Can't Help Falling In Love" to which the audience of 18,000 picks up and sings the chorus.

Bullet.....the rest it got on 360 has done it good.  It's back and intense. 

Pride...I'd grown tired of this one.  On this tour however, it's placement after Bullet gives the song and the show a feeling of celebration and rejuvination.  It whips the audience back into full sing along mode.  Beautiful Day.....what's not to like about it.

Then comes The Troubles.  It's strong and it's powerful.  It sounds great live.  After two fast paced songs, the pacing and momentum the show had loses some steam when they play it.  The only issue I could see with the song is it's placement late in the setlist.  It sounds as if it would work better in the first half Innocence portion of the show rather than in the second half Experience portion.

With Or Without You closes out the main set.  They've gotten the audience back with this classic and the cell phone flashlights are out in force.

A solid City Of Binding Lights and Streets sets the tone for the final song of the evening.

Bono thanks the City Of Los Angeles for 10 incredible days and 6 unforgettable shows.  Edge then launches into One.  Halfway through the first verse, Bono picks up that the entire building is singing the song. He stops singing, puts his hands in the air....and listens to the voices of 18,000 people sing to him as Edge plays.

This new arrangement of One blows me away.  The simpicity of it, yet it maintains it's power.  It's Bono and 18,000 trading verses and choruses unti the song ends.

Bono thanks the crowd, the band take their bows and the Los Angeles residency is over, ready to conquer the remaining cities on this tour.

And conquer those cities they will.  This tour (in my opinion) came into Los Angeles as a "work in progress".

Over the course of 10 days, a heartbreaking tragedy and 4 remaining shows, the tour leaves Los Angeles with a show that is locked in, performed by a band playing with a "take no prisoners" intensity that has us in Los Angeles begging for more.

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