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by Crewboy

Wow.  Just Wow.

After hearing the news about Dennis, I expected the band to postpone the show to next week. 

Once the word was out that they planned on playing, I went in with the mindset that tonight wasn't about the fans or what was or wasn't in the setlist. 

Tonight was about 4 guys honoring the man who has guided them through every tour since War.

From the moment they came out, they played with an intensity that quite wasn't there the night before.  The opening quartet of Joey Ramone, Out Of Control, Vertigo and I Will Follow was blistering. 

After Bono informed the audience that tonight was a tough show for them and the reason why, the tone of the show changed.  If we didn't know then that tonight was more than a rock show, we certainly knew it now.

The new songs in the "Innocence" portion of the show carry across very well live.  Iris and Cedarwood Road are solid.  In the context of this show, they are more than just songs.  They're taking us on a journey of the band's youth and innocence.

An innocence that is smashed when the first chords of Sunday Bloody Sunday kick in.  This stripped down variation has a power all it's own setting the tone for a smashing first act finale in Until The End Of The World.  Solid as always with great video.  That image of Edge in the palm of Bono's hand is classic.

Second act brought on the "Experience" songs beginning with Invisible.  By moving to the catwalk then to the second stage, it sends a message that the boys are now men.  Rousing renditions of Desire, Angel Of Harlem is followed by a stripped down Every Breaking Wave, which gives way to a violent Bullet The Blue Sky.  I had grown tired of Bullet and was happy to see it left off the 360 setlist.  The rest has done it some good as it's back and more solid than it's ever been.

A rousing Pride (which is placed in just the perfect spot this tour) followed by a celebratory Beautiful Day has the audience enraptured.  Just in time for the reality check that comes when Bono decides to "change it up"...and before we know it..he's telling the audience if they have anything pent up to "just let it go, get it out" as the opening chords of Bad begin to play.  Six minutes later after the band has "let it out"...big portions of the audience are in tears. 

It feels as if the band is only playing for an audience of one instead of 17,000.

We get to the final encore.....Bono tells the story of the infamous night at Red Rocks.  How Dennis would lead the chant at the end of "40" in the hopes the audience will pick it up and continue it.  Bono then dedicates the song and the tour to Dennis' memory.

As "40" plays, pictures of Dennis with the band, his family and his life are displayed on the video screen.  There isn't a dry eye in the house.

One by one the band walks the catwalk and leaves via the second stage until only Larry is left playing his drums.  He stops playing, walks the catwalk as 17,000 people continue to sing the "How Long..." chant.

He exits and the audience continues to sing to the image of Dennis on the video screen even after the house lights come back up.

Rest in Peace Dennis.

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