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by Larry Madsen

It was a very good show; we were sitting pretty much dead-center, front-row of the mezzenine, which at the Fox, is a mini-balcony of about 8 rows between the main balcony and the floor. The bouncing balcony definitely got our attention; it was the first time I'd seen it bounce like that (although I later witnessed other shows - Pretenders, Clash - who got it going good, too.) We had a bird's-eye view of everything except the balcony over our heads, in fact, we could even read the set list on the sound board. The sound was great; like I said, we were dead-center and heard everything perfectly. At one point, Larry was playing a solo baseline with only a single large spotlight outlining him on a black curtain, and I don't know why, but for some reason that moment sticks in memory.

As for the fighting... it looked like only slightly-more-frenetic-than-usual moshing to me. When Bono stopped the show to tell everyone to stop fighting, ("No one gets hurt at a U2 concert!) my first reaction was, "Alright, great, let's get back to the show, Bono." But after a few days, it just seemed silly. I can probably point to that incident as the very first time that I starting realizing how pretentious Bono can be.

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