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by Greg Kuttles

The date today is July 13th, 2006 and I remember the story I am about to talk about like it was yesterday. At this moment I am listening to WBWC RADIO with an 18-hour long tribute to U2. Back to that night, it was the first time I saw them in Concert.
I remember the concert rocked. All I Want Is You was amazing and the crowd was swallowed in the song with rejoice. Of course their Until The End Of The World/New Years Day as well as the Please/Where the Streets Have No Name combo's were out of this world too. The true moment out of this world experience was after the concert.
Waiting in the parking lot til 3am in the morning in the pouring rain, U2 were exiting the stadium. Fist Adam and Larry left in seperate Limo's with a wave to myself and the sum 30-40 people in the parking lot. Out of nowhere though, The Edge and Bono approached the crowd to sign autographs. At this moment I could not believe that we were about to get upclose and personal with 1/2 of the biggest band in the world. Little did I know,that was just the beginning.
As I waited for the lines to form (Bono's line longer than Edge's) I stepped in The Edge's line. As I walked up to him (he was apx my height at 5'8" and eye level) I took my home-ade U2 hat off (green hat with U2 in yellow letters) and handed it to him to sign. After the hat was signed I shook his right hand. As I started to step away, my heart was racing and thoughts stirred that I would not be able to have this experience again. I then turned back to The Edge and through my arms around him in a great embrace. Rather than his bodyguard ripping me off, he returned my hug. After, I shook his left hand and walked away.
Still excited, I gave a hug to a women named Hillary I met at the concert as we were both extatic after what I had done. It was time to stand in line for Bono.
At this time however, he was heading back to his car and that moment will have to wait til another day (it still has yet to arrive). I was however able to get his attention by screaming his name on the top of my lungs as he entered his limo. He turned towards me now apx 20 feet away. I gave him the peace symbol while shouting "rock-n-roll doggy". He returned the sign then entered his vehicle. WOW.
I have been to numerous concerts since then from Toronto to Albany to New York City. The music experience's matched that night in every way---simply breathtaking; but there has not been a post-concert experience able to match that magical June 2nd.

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