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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Shawn Fitzpatrick

I saw Zooropa in Cork back in 93 and never thought that it could be beaten. WOW, was I wrong. Popmart brought it to another level. I have been to Foxboro Stadium about 100 times for football games etc.... That was the first time I was in a 50,000 person disco!! The lads were exceptional last night, they were pumped and it showed. The setlist was the same except the karaoke was not Sweet Caroline and they added a song after One/MLK, we did not know the name of the song, I think it was a Dylan song. The song was about the rain (it started to fall the last 20 minutes but no one cared) I am sorry about my non-knowledge of dylan songs!!

Anyways, from the first day I sat and listened to POP I thought it was one of their best albums and the songs were even more incredible live. Last night on earth and Discotheque were unbelievable. Please pass on to everyone that you know that the media is a bunch of pretentious idiots who have slagged U2 and the POPMart tour from the start, if they actually go to on of these shows and take it all in they could not possibly say anything negitive about it. I would have paid $100 a ticket to see this concert and if there was a third show I would be back to see it again no matter what the cost. What other band could pull off a show and tour of this caliber and make it all work? (none!) So enjoy the show, at $200,000 a day this is for the fans! U2 has shown us once again that the boys from Dublin are the best in the world!!!

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