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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Perry Papadopoulos

The last show of the first leg; you could sense you were in for something even more special. The crowd was in their seats much earlier than the night before. FLC played a couple seconds of SATS in honor of U2. Howie was jammin tonight, he started out with Walking on Sunshine (it's time to feel good!) and ended with Burning Down The House. The stadium was buzzin' and people were already on their feet. Not to mention the giant beach balls the stage handlers threw out which didn't sit too well with security.

But now the lights go down and The Boxer and His Corner enter for the final round (for now). With Mofo, I Will Follow, and Gone, Bono starts off very emotionally and personal. Tonight, instead of choosing between Stand By Me and All I Want Is You, they play both. FLC joins The Edge for tonight's karaoke of Suspicious Minds (Elvis). Nice touch having them up there; alot of laughs. A the "storyboard" setlist continues, Bono throws in a little "Funky Town" at the end of Miami and "I Want to Live in America" in BTBS.

And as the Irish run into the arms of America, Bono begins PLEASE. It dumbfounds me that people don't get into this song. This song is so rich and Bono pours his soul into it. Maybe it's the lack of familiarity. Next time. As the aliens descend from their lemon spaceship, they also bring rain. But THANK GOD for the rain!! It gives us a longer MLK; "If the thundercloud passes rain, so let it rain, rain down on me". They begin to walk off stage except Bono who seems to have a thought in his brilliant head. He walks back to the mic with his blue guitar and begins singing Rain by the Beatles!! "When the rains came"......The Edge slowly makes it back to the front with his index fingers in his ears:-). Adam and Larry gladly follow as we are enjoy such a great, spontaneous jam. Smilesoughall from ear to ear!!

I ran into people that had seen Pink Floyd in their day and said this was the best concert experience of their life! My best experience in general. But sadly there are no more shows to choose from; FOR NOW!! FRIDAY,NOVEMBER 14.......MIAMI!!!!!!

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