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by Creighton

From the moment I stepped foot in Austin I knew this was going to be no ordinary concert. (Im the tall guy that was with the other totally obsessed tall guy fanatic at the front of the GA line.) My hand still proudly boasts the #2. (only second to my brother Lance) I cant even begin to start telling you about the level on intensisty I felt throughout the duration of our 4 day campout in the bushes, relaxing, rubbing elbows with the homeless, high on chocolate chip cookies, my clothes smelling of Pepsi. It wasnt so much the thought of seeing the concert, (We all know the phenomena of U2.) It was something more...achiving a goal, the love of friends, family, my wife to be...my brother....

You see..U2 is the common bond that brought my brother and I closer in times of trouble. U2 was always the one to console, to tell him how I felt. We grew up rocky and went our seperate ways, like we all must, but we vowed one day to experience a U2 concert together. The Austin show was the perfect oppurtunity. This concert was more than a show it was a reflection of what was in our hearts. Yes, we camped 4 days, We stayed awake all of them. This a small price to pay for what memories we achived, and in some way my life is a bit more complete.

It touches my heart to know that Bono held my brother's hand. If there was anyone in the world I would wish this for, It would be him. He truly is the biggest U2 fan from day one. I can't tell you how much it meant to him..and in some ways his life is more complete. When I looked into his eyes and saw that his life had changed. My life was changed.

Now I can go on and tell you of my experience of how I met the band, was in the front row, second in line, aquired lots of concert goodies, wonderful photos,on the news and papers, shared moments within the lives of the band members, met wonderful people,...but you know, it dulls in comparison to what was given to me that night....the little space in my brother's heart, that had been empty for quite sometime. was now filled.

The space in all of our heart's that need the same attention, perhaps this is the reason U2 touches us so well.in places that only they can...through their voice, through their vision, through their music.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who put up with us, Dondi, Crystal, Christine, Yan (looks like Kevin Spacey), The French guy, Chuck and his list, the guy in the red #7 shirt. (no hard feelings o.k.!) all the great people we encountered on our quest. and mostly to U2. thanks guys...see you in Los Angeles......but this time Im gonna camp 5 days...what the hell!

Creighton Gann
Anchorage, Alaska

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