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by Adrian

My first U2 gig and I'm delighted its finally been confirmed-I was beginning to think I'd imagined it!
I was brought up listening to the 'holy trinity of Irish music':Horslips,Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy and this was my first Rory gig.
I had just got back from the annual family holiday in Ireland(Donegal to be precise) and the entire time I was there I kept hearing about this new band 'U2'.
They supported The Police at some open air gig in or around Dublin when I was there(Dalymount possibly?) and,as I say,I kept reading about them.
Got back and another pal(Mick) who had also been in Ireland and,more importantly,was also into music in a big way mentioned them to me as well.
Fast forward a few weeks after returning to school and I have persuaded Mick to come and see the legend that is(sadly now,was)Rory Gallagher.
The Saturday before I had invested in '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' and had played it too death in the following days.
On the bus to the gig we talked about nothing else but U2.
Into the gig and it was apparent we weren't going to get served at the bar so we went and lent on the stage.
The mc announces that the advertised support(which my memory tells me was 'Tank' but apparently not so)hadn't made it but could we please welcome some friends of Rory's from Ireland-U2!
There were around 20 to 30 people in the room and its safe to say only myself and Mick were interested.
And how!I can't remember the set list but I do know they played Tick Tock,Touch(which I asked for and got the reply from Bono "I see your on form tonight"),I Will Follow,Out Of Control,A Day Without Me,Twilight,Out of Control and Things to Make and Do(one of only two times I saw them play it)and I'm certain An Cat Dubh was played as well.
As you can see it was an unforgettable night(30 years on!)and its not an exaggeration to say it changed things forever.
30 years and a further 84 gigs later I'm still waiting for the next U2 gig!!

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