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by Ian

Great concert. However, something is missing this tour. Maybe it's the setlist. The first 5 songs were fantastic - the crowd was really into it, Bono was really putting on a show, and was in better voice than he has been in many years, but things really sagged in the middle.

All of the new songs were great, but it is clear that some of the older songs have gotten stale, in particular Bullet The Blue Sky. Also, the new Running To Stand Still arrangement was dull and linear - and Bono's lead guitar was attrocious. he was just noodling around, and kept on playing some strange chord that wasn't even in the same key as the song. As much as it pains me to say it, An Cat Dubh was a real atmosphere killer. I love the song - it's far and away my fave from the Boy album - but the song is not meant for an arena show.

Thinsg got much, much better with Where The Street have No Name. The song re-energized the crowd, and the band really fed off of the audience. From that point on, U2 was really on their game once again. The encores, especially the second encore, were unbelievably good, although the stupid drunk chick almost ruined Yahweh.

I was most impressed with Larry's performance. He really seemed to be having a blast up there, and his drumming was fantastic. He keeps on getting better over the years.

Overall, the concert was excellent, but U2 were not entirely captivating this time around. They had their moments, certainly, but the Elevation tour had some special ingrediant that Vertigo is missing.

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