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by Fraser

I've waited a reeeeaally long time to post this but here goes anyway. This being my first u2 show I had exactly zero idea what to expect for the $140 Canadian I paid for my ticket on Ebay, and I must say I was a little bit disappointed to find myself six rows from the top. Oh well, caveat emptor. On the plus side it was a perfect side-stage seat right in front of the speakers. Kings of Leon were tepid, and the crowd was getting antsy when nine o'clock rolled around and the Big Show began.
I was completely blown away. Starting with COBL (which had spent days praying for as the opener) the best band in the freakin' world led 20,00 people through the best night of this fan's life. COBL, vertigo, and the perfect new "mix" of elevation, with everyone howling the oo-oo's as loud and off-key as possible. Then the surprisingly enjoyable Electric co. into complete mood change and Bono sucking his thumb in the transition. You had to see it to get it.
Admittedly there was a weak section in the middle, but the war triplets got our juices flowing again - and as a drummer I appreciated Larry's nifty transition from Sunday into Bullet. Well done. Then the climax in Pride, Streets and the unspeakably beautiful One. My greatesat complaint about these guys is that Edge left that AMAZING solo off of the album cut. Tears in my eyes every time.
The sound had been bad all night, but it was absolutely abysmal for Zoo Station, which was lyrically undecipherable. The rest of the encores were basically as advertised, including 40, which is to say that it was spine-chillingly cool. Looking back I think its a shame that the Euro shows aren't closing with it.
In conclusion, even with poor seats and worse sound, it was to my newbie eyes one heckuva show. I can't wait to see these guys again. God bless U2.

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