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by Lisa

"It's been ten years or maybe more
since I first set eyes on you..."
For someone who had been a fan for more than ten years - and still is - this was an amazing concert.
We were in the front section and had front & back view of the band.
It wasn't until months after we remembered any of the extravaganca that went on before U2 went onstage. But once remembered, it was a great happening with the big plastic band members and the dancing, acting and booming of cannon balls!
Then, after what seemed like forever, the band went on stage with Bono slowly rising on a platform. ZOO STATION HAPPENING! It was very UNREAL... I didn't realize until "Until The End Of The World" that I was ACTUALLY at a REAL U2 concert and not just watching it on video. After that it was just all happening too fast.
We sang with Bosnia...
We angered through "Bullet The Blue Sky"...
We wept during "With Or Without You"...
And I went completely BONANZA BERSERKER!!! when Bono picked a Swedish girl on stage. Not that she was Swedish... NOOOOOOOOOOOO... it was more the fact that she stood RIGHT BESIDE ME! ARGH! HE COULD HAVE PICKED ME, COULDN'T HE????????????
Oh well, I survived.
Maybe the greatest moment of the evening was leaving the stadium with 50,000 fellow fans, singing "40" all the way to the center of Copenhagen, where all the beatiful people joined in an impromptu re-concert, singing the songs and humming the tunes as the sun rised over Copenhagen...

Humbly, I send my thanks to The Greatest Band On Earth.

Looking forward to see you too in Forum later this year...

March 3rd, 2001 -
Lisa Lodahl

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