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by Cooldownmama

As much as wanted it to be the same energetic, transporting event as earlier U2 concerts I've attended, this concert was not. The GA Dome felt way too big. Our seats were great-in the lower level with a great view of the stage and all the band. There was a lot of empty space on the floor, which probably has to do with fire codes and whatnot, but that empty space seemed to deflate the crowd energy (all that space was directly in front of our section). The band really performed well, but the crowd did not seem as into it and also there seemed to be a lot of sound and technical difficulties. Bono kept taking his ear piece out and at one point, we all had to wait for one of Edge's guitars to be fixed. I also saw Edge hurrying up his techs to bring out the next guitar-don't know if he felt the concert was too slow-paced or what. The band definitely worked hard for us, but for whatever reason, it did not have the same awesome feeling as I have experienced before.

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