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by Southern Man

Wow! What a great show! U2 was on from the start. Bono seemed to really be working hard and enjoying every bit of the show. Breathe was incredible, Magnificent was well... magnificent. Until The End of the World was awesome.

I thought the crowd was good although not great. It was really loud in the Dome. The crowds were more vocal at Philips Arena I think due to there being fewer people (40,000 for the 2 shows). In the Dome with 65,000 some people go to be seen. That is how Atlanta is sometimes.

Say what you want about their political beliefs but U2 are a very compassionate bunch. They are using their status for good.

I do appreciate the fact that they give some like me an opportunity to boo at their concerts though! Thanks guys! There were a lot of boos for Obama's sister. Genuine love for the ONE campaign people he named (Third Day, Michael W Smith, etc.)I don't listen to their music but they are doing the right thing.

As for Muse - I thought they were terrible, could not understand anything the lead singer sang because of his mumbling.

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