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by kelly

Giants Stadium June 15,1985
I remember arriving in the Stadium just as John Eddie & The Front Street Runners were introduced. There was lots & lots of people
and the day was very sunny. I didn't have any expectations of what would happen to me that day. The concert was arranged for short sets with brief intermissions where people came on stage and spoke of their experience of imprisonment & addressing issues of Human Rights and calling to conscious an awareness of these issues. Towards the middle of the afternoon there was a brief video of young adolesent Children being tortured by the military. I did not want to see this but I could not look away. Some time later Joan Baez sang & what a gift to hear her voice, strong enough to hold such pain & be filled with compassion. During Peter Gabriels piano set the whole stadium seemed silent & intent. When Peter Gabriel Closed his set with Biko
with the power of everyone's voice it was like the universe opened and it was possible
necessary to change the world. After that I was wondering if i should leave but I wanted to see the Police. I had not much listened to U2, I had heard {of} them. When Bono came out I didn't quite get him so I felt like I was challenging what he was saying, then I knew it, & with realizing the events of the day i was ready to sing along. Such became my interpretation of Maggies farm I quested as if after the Grail to understand the meaning of freedom & committed myself to making conscious choices. I feel like I have gone thru those changes and the questions & challenges & mistakes I still hold myself accountable to that day when I was there with the people who were there that day. I must say U2 is still an inspiration for honoring
their power by continuing maintaining a collective space for active involvement in the care of people, & making songs to bring me there.

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