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by Dave

This was my first time seeing this tour, and I was very excited.

The crowd really got into all of the old songs, but the overwhelming majority did not know the new songs. Especially seeing as most of the new songs are slow or mid-tempo, every time they played a new song the crowd seemed to lose some energy. But, when they'd play an old song the crowd went crazy and sang along to every word.

I had seats behind the stage, eight rows from the field. I knew I'd be seeing the back of their heads for most of the show, but I was surprised that they didn't play up to the rear of the stage more often, especially since they are calling this a 360 show. I think the biggest problem for people sitting behind the stage is that huge void of emptiness between the stands and the stage. All of the fans on the floor are standing in front of the stage, which leaves this huge void on the floor between the stage and the stands in the rear of the stage. I wish there were people standing there or that they would push the stage closer to the rear. Even though I was really close to the field, it still felt like we were pretty far away because of that big gap. I guess it's pretty hard to make a connection to everyone in a huge stadium like this.

Everyone seemed to leave to go to the bathroom during "Your Blue Room." Nobody seemed into that song in all honesty. I wish they would have performed "Pride," I miss that one!

Overall, it was a great show.

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