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by Elizabeth

U2 has been my favorite band since I started listening to music in the 80s. The first concert I was old enough to attend was in 1991. I have never been disappointed and have always bragged about U2's clear sound and energy. I've always maintained that it never mattered where you sat, because the band's sound was incredible. Well, last night in Foxborough, MA I was highly disappointed with the echoing. I was seated in section 313 and you couldn't even understand Bono's words! At times, the music sounded like noise! I moved to the opposite end (but still had stay in the 300 level) and stood the rest of the show in the concourse. The echoing was a little better but the speeches on the screen were still unclear. Overall, I was highly disappointed. How could U2 have not realized this, and sold tickets for that level. They are a band that prides themsleves on connecting with their fans. I was so disconnected as were most of the fans in the 300 level.

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